Coolsculpting vs. Vanquish - Advantages, Differences, Which is Best
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Coolsculpting Vanquish
Technology Cryolipolysis technology is used to freeze fat cells with minimal skin contact. Newer RF (Radio Frequency) technology is used to deliver customized levels of heat to eliminate fat with no skin contact.
Ideal Patient Patients with localized “pinchable” areas of fat requiring treatment. Patients seeking larger areas of fat to be treated.
Areas Treated Smaller areas of abdomen, chin, Gynecomastia, smaller areas of inner/outer thighs, bra fat. Abdominal area, love handles, inner/outer thighs, arms.
Length of Treatment 1-2 hours per session. 45 minutes per session.
Efficiency Rate Coolsculpting destroyed 20-25% of the fat cells treated with results shown in coming weeks after 1-2 treatments. Vanquish destroyed 59-70% of the fat cells treated with results shown as early as after one treatment.
Sessions Required Coolsculpting achieves treatment goals in 1-2 longer treatments. Vanquish achieves treatment goals in 4-6 shorter treatments.
Discomfort Discomfort during and post-treatment reported in patients No discomfort during or post-treatment.
Complications Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH) can appear post-treatment with Coolsculpting, meaning the treated fat tissue appears to be more prominent in the first several months rather than disappearing. No evidence of Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH) post-treatment.
Downtime No downtime. No downtime.
Side Effects Bruising, swelling and numbness are possible side effects associated with Coolsculpting. No bruising, swelling or numbness.
Cost Although relatively the same price, Coolsculpting is slightly more expensive due to consumables. Vanquish is usually less expensive as there is no cost of consumables.

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